DiskBoss 2.0

This file/disk manager is free, works fast, and has a lot of features
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DiskBoss is a file and disk manager. You could consider it a more advanced Windows Explorer, because it has some similar functionalities. The advantage of using this utility to browse your disks and execute usual file operations is that it’s much faster and the interface is better. It can copy, move, delete files, synchronize directories, analyze partitions, find duplicates and much more.

Every tool (even the basic ones, like deleting) has advanced options that can be customized. The classification tool is extremely useful if you have huge partitions with many files that are poorly organized. Disk analysis creates a summary report giving you an idea about how much space is occupied by different kinds of items.

When the main window is focused, the application’s keyboard shortcuts become active. They can be customized easily from the Options menu. If you notice that your multimedia keyboard shortcut keys don’t work, it’s because they've been disabled by the software.

Even though the paid versions of this program (Pro, Ultimate and Server) have many more features, considering that this one is free, it has everything that an average home user needs.

Alexandru Andrei
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  • Nice interface
  • Many tools
  • Works fast
  • Customizable
  • Advanced options for every tool


  • Gives a feeling that "something is missing"
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