Analyze all files stored on your disks and manage and monitor disk space
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Suitable for both local disks and networked storage devices, DiskBoss is a professional utility designed to perform all kinds of data management and disk space analysis tasks for you in a fast, reliable, and automated way. Though useful for all kinds of users, its highly-sophisticated functionality will surely make IT professionals happy, allowing them to monitor and control any number of PCs in a network from a straightforward and nicely-designed UI.

DiskBoss puts its emphasis on disk space usage, and to help you manage your storage space more wisely it provides you with tools that will analyze all your store data, from large files to duplicates. To do so, it offers you various classification methods and graphic charts to help you visualize your storage usage and any disk space threats. The analysis and classification processes are thorough and fast, and they provide you with exhaustive information that novice users most surely will politely decline and on which IT professionals will love to dwell for hours. Home users will surely like the program’s pie and bars charts showing them the disk space usage per directory, the number of files per category, extension, file type, you name it.

DiskBoss offers you tools to clean up your disk from unnecessary files, including Internet cache files, cookies, and history, as well as temporary and deleted files. Likewise, the app comes with a sophisticated duplicate finder that will help you locate possible dupes in all corners of your storage devices quickly and efficiently. It is for you to decide then how to dispose of them.

The Network option will let you access all PCs and storage devices in a network and perform these same management tasks on all of them remotely. It can analyze the system and data disks, categorize and classify all files, search for duplicates, and even back up data disks, and will perform all of these routines simultaneously in an unattended manner, if you wish.

DiskBoss comes in various flavors – plain, Pro, Ultimate (with command-line support), Server, and Enterprise (with a Web-based management interface). Even the “basic” version requires a learning curve to make the most of the app’s functionality. Home users worried about the shrinking space of their storage devices and hard disks will love this tool, but it is IT professionals that will surely make the most of it once they master its exhaustive functionality.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Exhaustive analysis reports.
  • Pie and bars charts.
  • Detects and manages duplicate files.
  • Customizable classification and categorization routines.
  • Network support.
  • Performs various tasks simultaneously.
  • Unattended analysis


  • Requires a learning curve.
  • Not for the novice user
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